The NIE Number…do I need one?

The NIE Number…do I need one?


The importance of a NIE number when buying a property


NIE stands for “Numero de Identificacion de Extranjeros” (or Foreign Identification Number). Any foreigner with a social, economic or professional interest in Spain is required to have an NIE number, a unique number identifying them within the Spanish tax system. Ministry of the Interior of Spain is responsible for the issuing of NIE numbers and both EU and Non EU residents are required to have one.

 An NIE is required for any of the below (but not limited to):

Any property purchases in Spain such as a house, land, business, vehicle or boat
 | Acquiring a mortgage or applying for credit of any kind
 | Working for a Spanish Company
 | Applying for Residencia (Residence)
 | Applying for a driving licence
 | Opening a bank account
 | Paying tax
 | Starting up a business.


Where can I apply for a NIE number?


The application may be made directly by the applicant themselves at the National Police Station in Ibiza Town, or with the Spanish Consulate within the applicants country of residence, or via a representative in Spain providing that representative is given legal power of attorney by the applicant. When applying in person here in Ibiza, waiting times can vary depending on the time of year you make your application. Also, if you don’t speak Spanish, it’s always a good idea to take someone with you who does. Trying to do this yourself, being honest, can be somewhat frustrating at times so we at everything ibiza have an in-house professional who can help.

At the time of application the following documents must be provided:

· Full name and address of all parties wishing to apply for an NIE.
· Date of birth
· Original & copies of passport – photo page with details.
· Full home address
· Full names of parents (both living or passed)

everything ibiza and our team will be happy to assist you to obtain the NIE number which incurs a small cost. Just send your details to:

If you are a British Citizen or British Subject with Right of Abode in the United Kingdom, you do not require a visa to enter Spain. Other British Nationals should confirm the current entry requirements with their nearest Spanish Embassy. A valid British passport must be held for entry to and exit from Spain. There is no minimum passport validity requirement but you should ensure that your passport is valid for the duration of your visit.

If you have any queries for your relevant consulate, please find some contacts below:



British – 902 109 356 (mon-fri 9.00 – 14.00 h)

Irish – 971 722 504 (Mallorca, mon-fri 10.00 – 14.00 h

German – 971 315 763 (mon-fri 10.00 – 12.00 h, wed closed)
French – 971 730 301 (Mallorca, mon-fri 9.00 – 13.15 h)
Italian – 971 724 214 (Mallorca)
Dutch – 971 300 450
US – 971 403 707 (Mallorca, mon-fri 7.30 – 13.30 h)
Australian – 91 353 6600 (Madrid)

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